How to withdraw funds from Abacus Market?

Before we begin, let us just make a few things clear. Never withdraw funds to your primary Bitcoin wallet, or hardware wallet directly from a darknet market.

Also, never use exchange wallets. It’s best if you use Electrum. Also, it’s best if you use separate instances of Electrum, or any other wallet. Basically, it’s best to keep dark market funds as separate from your other funds as possible.

Let’s get your funds withdrawn then?

Step 1-> Go to your wallet. You can do that by going to your profile, and then clicking on “Wallet”.

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You can also just go to your Abacus Market deposit page. The same page also facilitates withdrawals.

Step 2-> Once you’re on the page, scroll down and you’ll see the withdrawal section. You need to enter the amount, output address, and your security PIN (created during Abacus Market registration).

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The market charges a hefty 2.47$ fee per transaction.

Done. The Bitcoins are released instantly and arrive in the output address in a few minutes.

If you’d like additional anonymity, it’s recommended you redirect these funds via a third-party Bitcoin mixer. Abacus Market has an official mixing partner, Kilos Exchange. They convert your BTC into XMR. However, you can also use other Bitcoin tumblers.