How to Recover Accounts on Abacus Market?

You may lose your password. You may lose access to your PGP key. There may be other reasons why you can’t login to your Abacus Market account.

However, thanks to the Abacus Market mnemonic code. You can recover your Abacus Market accounts using the mnemonic code. Here’s how that’s done:

Step 1-> Go to the Abacus Market URL and click on “Forgot Password”.

Note that there’s some kind of glitch on the market. As a result, the “forgot password” link disappears in around a millisecond. So, you’ve to be fast to click on it, or, just  go to this URL- http://abacusqj33ypailsuaufyiglftyiqf3rulxt7cb6gtnqyfhdcovlixyd.onion/forgot

Step 2-> On the next page, simply enter the new password that you’d like.